Tax Services

JGB have a Team of Chartered Tax advisors in-house who are experts in Tax solutions

By joining us, you will benefit from the peace of mind and reassurance provided by our team of dedicated tax experts. You will enjoy personal service, fast and competent response, intelligent team and very easy to work with, broad knowledge, friendly and relaxed approach.

Our Team focus on assisting entrepreneurs in planning and implementing tax planning strategies that correspond with their commercial and personal plans. This often involves technical work such as restructuring shares, share incentive plans, management buyouts, family investment companies, and understanding how best to own valuable assets such as property/investments.

Our Team can provide advice on business and personal tax matters, with a particular specialism in VAT and Stamp Duty Land Tax. For businesses, JGB can assist with structuring demergers for company owners, incorporating property businesses, claims for R&D tax relief and selling companies. For individuals, we advise on effective inheritance tax planning, and UK tax residency.

Our Team can provide tax advice and thorough research. We can also provide advice in the areas of capital allowances, UK tax residency, the independent valuation of companies and asset protection through the insertion of a holding company.

Our Team can provide advice regarding taking funds out of a business tax effectively, inheritance tax planning & family investment companies and property business incorporations.

VAT Services

JGB Accountants are a fully qualified VAT return accountant. VAT can be complicated. It may eat up your time, especially when you first implement it. Even when VAT is settled, the VAT rate could change and you’ll have to go through it all again.

  • Do you need to register for VAT?
  • Do you know what VAT involves?
  • Has VAT become a requirement, due to your business' success?

JGB Accountants offer an entire VAT return service:

Advice to help your VAT registration and your transition into being VAT registered

We can then complete your VAT return and submit quarterly/monthly to HMRC. Help and advice completing your monthly bookkeeping.

JGB Accountants can run through all the information for you and answer any questions you have about VAT returns. We will deal with all aspects of VAT including registering, monthly and yearly reports. It couldn’t be simpler