Wellbeing For Business & Individual

Business Coaching and Mentoring

The core value of our company is to promote positive wellbeing and good health for all (both personal and business).

We offer Coaching/Mentoring because we know that coaching, done well, is one of the most valuable investments that you could make in yourself and in your business.

Through questioning, encouraging and refining the thinking, behaviours and decision making of You, your executives, and rest of your team meaningful and sustainable changes in your business will be created.

We help businesses succeed and to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. Our Coach will help you meet your personal and business goals, hold you accountable and provides practical solutions for everyday challenges and only through a customized and personal approach.

Our USP is our people and our intellectual capital. We only use consultants/coaches with a high level of expertise and who are in the forefront of knowledge in the areas in which we consult. We share the same values, providing a seamless service to the client and our practice is backed up by academic learning and research.

Our Goal is to help people thrive in their personal and business lives by practical and supportive ideas and actions geared to their needs.

Offering a holistic view of the whole company, we work with start-ups, business owners, CEOs, and senior executives, to identify clear areas for business development, improve internal communications and expand your reach. We use a blend of mentoring and coaching to facilitate, guide and advise, offering a broad range of tools and concepts to refine business processes, promote collaborate working and grow your organisation. Depending on your requirements, we can also offer support with external communications to build relationships with your customers and increase revenue.

Leadership Coaching

Focusing on enhancing business relationships and effective leadership, leaders will acquire a bespoke toolkit to enhance decision making, using a blend of psychology methodology and business practice, remaining sensitive to organisational systems and culture. We also offer media training for leaders to learn the skills for public speaking or delivering more effective presentations. We additionally run compassionate leadership programmes with organisations to improve interdepartmental working, boost overall performance and promote more kindness in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching programmes focus on helping individuals to improve performance and enhance peer relationships within the working environment. We also facilitate accelerated personal growth, improving work-life balance, time management and wellbeing. The process offers the executive a dedicated space to ‘think’ and set some clear actionable goals, becoming more productive and time efficient. We work both with individuals and teams depending on the requirements.

Self Care Is How You Take Your Power Back - Lalah Delia

We will help you and your people to see things in a new, simpler and more effective way which will have far reaching effects. We will help you to embed a positive culture at top level which will expand through all areas of your business. We can work with individuals or small groups and will create a bespoke plan for you/your business.

The principles that we work with will help you to cultivate an environment in which your team feel supported to make good business decisions, to develop as individuals and encourages them to expand both their individual and their teams’ success.