Women's Wealth

Many women feel the financial services industry doesn’t reflect their values or meet their needs. That’s why we’re committed to forming partnership with organisations creating the new face of wealth together with women. Our goal is to better serve women by providing expertise and a wide range of financial solutions for every stage in their lives.

We believe in a tailored approach to financial planning for Women.

As life expectancy increases, women in many countries are likely to live into their nineties. In response, women need to focus more than ever on their long-term financial needs, such as planning for retirement, long-term care and insurance.

Our research shows that women who participate in long-term financial decisions not only increase their chances of financial security but feel more positive about the future.

Make a fresh start. Together, we’ll help you put the right financial plan in place.

How Can We Help You

The financial industry has lagged in its response towards women’s needs when it comes to their values and attitudes around wealth. Many women don’t feel confident making financial decisions.

That’s why we’ve committed to increasing women's financial confidence. We provide you with advice along every step of the financial lifecycle. Our aim is to be more than just a bank – we want to be a reliable partner that you can count on.

Financial Empowerment

Support female financial independence and participation in making financial decisions.

Family Advisory

Building a family legacy for generations.

Thriving as a wealthy family means addressing important questions, like:

What’s the purpose of your wealth? How do we pass on family values? How does our family ensure a successful generational transition? Is the next generation ready? How can we best manage joint family assets?

Our team of experts helps individuals and families develop a tailored strategy and implementation plan to successfully manage their wealth and family affairs for the long term.

How It Works

We offer a structured approach from advisory to execution services.

Family Governance

We guide you in developing a strategy for you and your family and support you in designing and implementing your bespoke family governance system, including a family constitution, family council and other decision-making governance forums. We do so through a series of thematic workshops or facilitating family meetings.

Family Management Office

We can create you a FMO to manage every area of your life and family.

We support you with all your questions around organising your wealth professionally, from the design to the implementation of a new family Management office setup to the review of your current arrangements, taking into account key considerations such as: strategy, scope of activities, location, costs, business model, staffing and governance.

Next Generation

We support your wealth transition journey and the next generation members of your family to become future leaders and responsible wealth owners. We do so through educational programs, events and global peer sharing-communities, addressing topics such as financial confidence, financial literacy, family wealth, leadership and personal development, as well as making a positive societal impact.